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  • Hur länge ska man orka?

    Hur mkt skall man stå ut med?

    Om du aldrig veljat ha det,

    men bara accepterar det för andras skull,

    hur ska du då få dig själv till att vilja fortsätta ha det?

    Jag kan inte ändra kärnan,

    bara dekoren...

    Hur ska jag orka fortsätta?


    • Okey, I have learned my lesson.

      I know what I need.

      I know what I do not need.

      And the problem is that they are not,


      I need to talk about it,

      I need to start trusting peopel,

      I need to accept help to secure a futur for me.

      But I cannot.


      It's hard to accept a futur when you don't even want it in the first plase,

      It's hard to trust people that's not even in your life bye choice but only because of money,


      It's hard to talk about it though I'm affraid that that will only make it wors.

      If I talk about it I give in on my stubborness,

      The same stubborness that's keeping me alive.

      Can I realy risk giving in on the only thing thats keeping me to this life?

      The only thing that's help me keep my promise to my parents..?

      I need it,

      but I cannot have it.

      How can life be so intend to always create moment 22?


      • 50/50 eller

        säker, tråkig utgång.

        Vad väljer ni?